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Why do people like making legacy gifts?

Legacy gifts (most commonly a donation made in your will or trust) cost nothing today and allow you to make an incredible impact, which is why so many people choose to make them.

There are some other exciting but less common gifts — scroll down to learn more!

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Popular gifts for the future

See what types of gifts many people choose to make. Many people make these to honor a loved one, to show what’s important in their life.

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Gifts in a will or trust

Donations in your will or trust are (by far) the most popular type of legacy gift. Learn more, or get help starting your will or trust – for free!

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Beneficiary designations

Gifting assets not covered by your will — like 401(k) or IRA accounts — may help your heirs avoid unwanted taxes, even if you’re below the estate tax threshold.

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Popular gifts for today

Many people love these donation options because they fit with their personal circumstances and financial goals.

Stocks and securities

Many people love donating stock or mutual funds because it may help them avoid paying capital gains taxes.

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Donor Advised Funds

Easily recommend grants to Woodwell Climate Research Center for tax-efficient giving.

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Donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more to save on taxes and make a big impact.

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Qualified Charitable Distributions

Use your IRA to make tax-free gifts that benefit you and our mission.

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Gifts that pay you back

Give assets while providing yourself or others with income for a period of time or distributions at a later date.

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Please let us know if you’ve already included us in your estate plans!

Letting us know is incredibly helpful to our team and helps to make sure your gift is used the way you want it to be.

Legacy giving helps drive our mission

Founded by renowned ecologist Dr. George M. Woodwell on the belief that a healthy environment is the birthright of every human being – today and in the future, Woodwell Climate Research Center welcomes legacy gifts as a way of preserving Dr. Woodwell’s extraordinary vision. All legacy gifts are directed to the Center’s endowment fund ensuring that your gift will support climate science in perpetuity.

Dr. George M. Woodwell

Dr. George M. Woodwell

We decided to include Woodwell Climate Research Center in our estate plans as part of our family’s support for solutions to the climate crisis. The Center’s climate research is critical in protecting the Earth for our grandchildren – and their grandchildren. We have made this commitment during our lifetimes to fully experience the joy of giving to such a vital cause.

Woody and Elizabeth Ives

Woody and Elizabeth Ives with their son, Ben.

Woody and Elizabeth Ives with their son, Ben.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Gifts of any size are deeply appreciated. Many people choose to leave a percentage of their estate, which scales up or down with your estate size.

Yes! Knowing in advance about your intentions is quite helpful to our staff, but you are always welcome to not share your gift. Sharing information with us about your gift also provides you with the benefits of membership in our George Perkins Marsh legacy giving society.

Yes. You are always free to revise or update your estate plans.

We’ve partnered with FreeWill to help you make a will or trust at no cost to you. You can use this to complete your plans, or you may choose to use the same tools to get your affairs in order before visiting an attorney (who is likely to have a fee associated with finalizing your plans).

Yes! FreeWill will never share your personal information without your permission.

We encourage you to designate bequests or beneficiary designations to Woodwell Climate’s Endowment Fund to ensure that your gift is used to support climate science in perpetuity.

To express our sincere appreciation to those who commit to a legacy gift, Woodwell Climate offers lifetime membership in the George Perkins Marsh Society. Learn more about George Perkins Marsh and the benefits of membership in the Society here.

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